So that's Me. Vlad Smut's the name, and fonts (among other things) is my game. I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, home of my hero Chank. At the tender age of seventeen I moved out to California. Santa Cruz to be exact. It was there that I met the love-o-my-life, Zoey.

click her pic fer a big one.

We then, like idiots, moved to Minneapolis together. After a hellish winter came a disasterous summer (there's no such thing as spring in MN.) Our apartment flooded, and all of our good crap was destroyed. We moved in with friends, and used our damage deposit to buy MOTUMBA, the 200-MHz bundle of joy I'm typing this on.

click fer the whole picture.

Then the five of us (we've got two cats, Devil and Gwen, pictures are on the way) moved out to Simi VAlley, CA, and I took up the hobby of Fontolistic Dominator. I dug it so much, I decided to turn it into a part-time job. Now I'm living in Northridge (hopefully for quite a while, I'm sick o movin') CA, and churnin' out the letters like a majicist. So now you know the story, GO BUY SOME FONTS!

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