The Beck Pack. Thirteen Grade-A Fontolific Disasters, Just itching to take the greeting card industry by storm. Six Hundred and Seventy Six Letters of Pure Eye Catching, nay, Eye Destroying Beauty, ready to turn your crummy 'zine into a full on punch in the chops. Thanks to the mystical properties of ValuVlad Technology™, you can save a hundred bucks and STILL blind the recipients of yer alphabetical misanthropy! The whole lot of 'em is a paltry Twenty-Five bucks. Make the checks out to my... uh... accountant:
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Heather Anderson
8415 Amigo Ave. #1
Northridge Ca, 91324
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As soon as I recieve your moolah, I will e-mail you the fonts, and for hard copy purposes send you a 3.5 inch diskette containing the same. And those of you who do financially put the wind in the sails of my maiden voyage have the choice of recieving, via e-mail, every free font I ever make until I die (or stop).
So There.
Online Credit Card Thingamajig coming soon!
You should know that every font you download from SPITE FONTS contains all of the standard characters. You wont get stuck with a real bitchin' set of capitals only, or no punctuation, or any of that krunk. If you see it on your keyboard, the SPITE FONTS will make it happen (or at least a real ugly abstraction thereof).
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